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The starting point for this campaign was the context in which IPSA would be operating and the challenges inherent in that.  From the start, we engaged with senior stakeholders within the Ministry of Justice and in Parliament, notably the Speaker of the House, to gain their confidence in the candidates presented and in the rigour of the whole process of the search and selection itself.

The establishment of IPSA carried a high risk and was under intense scrutiny; we had to identify individuals with the ability and credibility to lead an organisation in the public eye, who could deal confidently and assuredly with fundamental issues that underpin our democratic processes and respond to a very public crisis in the expenses scandal. Key issues during the search included:

  • Rebuilding public trust and confidence in democracy
  • Managing intense public scrutiny and concern, but also the need to manage expectations and explain processes to stakeholders
  • Establishing an effective regulatory function, including advisory and mentoring
  • Appointing a Chair with the gravitas and independence to instil confidence and navigate very complex political issues appropriately
  • Searching in four discrete specialist pools for the Member appointments and maintaining the integrity of each process whilst delivering a coherent campaign that ultimately led to a balanced Board with complimentary and diverse skills and behaviours

Managing risk and challenge

  • We worked closely with the client to devise a robust and complete recruitment process that ensured exemplary candidate care throughout; our screening and probing of candidates was intense and focussed on ensuring they could withstand the scrutiny that comes both from the appointment process and the role itself.
  • Process began with a comprehensive briefing from the MoJ and the Speaker; it was critical to ensure political buy-in from the start 
  • Regular communication and progress updates were provided and our clients made themselves available for issues and candidate queries which made the partnership element of the assignment all the more effective.
  • We had a larger than average long list for preliminary interviews, which is testament to the high calibre of candidate that were attracted to this role.
  • Each candidate report and recommendation was clearly aligned to each point of the role description to provide rigorous, transparent, risk-managed analysis

Adding value to the client

Sourcing strategy

  • Comprehensive brief and effective stakeholder engagement facilitating creative and diverse search
  • Market testing, benchmarking – potential candidates and concurrent recruitment activity in the market
  • Defining the role to define search parameters – constructive challenge and holistic view of existing membership and organisational challenges
  • Informed, candid and sensitive candidate care, managing their risks and expectations at each stage of the process
  • Transparency, buy-in and communicating key messages to key opinion formers – we were client’s ‘ambassadors’
  • Hand in hand with client throughout – ongoing progress updates, sounding out candidates and sharing feedback

Managing the process

Our process is client’s process, but we add value through:

  • Thorough planning and preparation
  • Reliable, efficient project management – taking away the time-consuming tasks and delivering logistically
  • Risk management – a partnership based on communication and accountability
  • Robust audit trail of fully evidenced processes and decisions using our e-enabled account management system

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