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Honeywell Group

Honeywell Group Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s foremost conglomerates with business interests in a variety of sectors including consumer goods, power generation, and electronic security.  

Rockpools has recruited to a number of senior roles for various businesses within the Group.  One such example is for Uraga Real Estate, their property development and management company that drives real estate projects in commercial and residential developments, and this includes the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.  Their requirement was for a Managing Director, reporting to the Chairman to lead and grow this business following the previous post holder leaving about a year earlier and them having some difficulties in recruiting a replacement having used the South African office of a specialist real estate recruitment firm.

The individuals attracted were from a variety of settings .  Some were from banks, some were from real estate companies backed by investors including private equity firms, some were working as real estate leads within companies, and some were running their own real estate consultancies .  Our search covered people in a range of countries including Nigeria, Ghana, the UK, the USA, UAE, South Africa, and Kenya.

We visited Nigeria to meet with the Chairman and the HR Director having got a steer ahead of arriving that the candidates we were generating were of the right calibre and certainly better than those who had been attracted from the earlier search.  We had an in depth meeting with the Chairman who quizzed us in some detail on the candidates, their experience, and their career aspirations.  Following the Chairman meeting or talking to a number of candidates from Nigeria, the USA,  Ghana, South Africa, and UAE, the candidate with whom they entered negotiations and hired was a Nigerian working in Nigeria albeit with international links and experience who was currently leading the real estate division of a prominent Nigerian oil & gas company. 

Gbadamosi Yakubu, a highly experienced real estate developer and entrepreneur with over 27 years’ experience and demonstrable track record of spearheading large scale urban development projects from cradle to completion, was recruited. 

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