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 Angostura is an international alcoholic beverages company that is headquartered in Trinidad in the Caribbean, that has a 195-year history, and that are makers of rum and bitters.  They have a global reputation and a strong brand as a premium alcoholic beverages company popular amongst consumers and amongst the hospitality sector.  Most of their leadership team have been home grown, and for the first time in their recent history, they wanted an international search to attract a new CEO who would be willing to move to Trinidad and lead the company through a considerable period of growth as they company felt they were not exploiting the strength of their products and their brand around the world.  

Rockpools were referred to Angostura by the Chairman for the Caribbean of a global professional services firm with whom we have worked for a number of years.  Having been appointed, we were briefed fully by the Chairman, and we were required to conduct an anonymous search – that is, a search where we made no reference to the name of our client.  We searched amongst senior executives around the world who had experience of leading marketing and in some cases operations of international alcoholic beverages companies on a multi-country basis, and we also sought to focus on those whose experience including working in or with the Caribbean. 

The successful candidate is originally from South Africa and has a lot of experience in various markets across Africa and Europe and only some exposure to the Caribbean. He is South African Peter Sandström and has served in numerous executive roles at spirits companies including Diageo, where he worked at its offices in Africa and Europe. He most recently served as chief executive officer at Harviestoun Brewery in Scotland. Angostura announced his appointment in notice on the company’s website earlier in January.

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